Still, there might be some non-windy days, but please don’t give way to despair. There are lots of non-wind activities… We’ll help you to find entertainment options for any day – windy or not! For adventure-seekers, we can offer rock-climbing courses.

You can also order a horse-ride walk – 9 km through a beautiful green park and pristine sand!

Mountain biking – there are places to ride to and to descend from! You can rent a bike, take a map, and ride around the area.

We ride with no wind!

You’ll love it! In the clubs, there is music and DJs, so many people from all around the world, and laid-back problem-free atmosphere, kite videos, smiles all around, and the sea just outside! You will feel happy!

Paragliding, diving, fishing, ocean trips, trekking, paintball, downhill biking, yoga – all these activities and even more are waiting for you in Tarifa.

Remember that Tarifa is a kiting and surfing stronghold! There are plenty of stores with all kinds of boarding gadgets! Often, new gear is on sale! In a store, you can simply chat with an associate about your favorite gear!

You can taste exquisite culinary recipes of the Spanish cuisine in countless quiet welcoming restaurants! If you are tired from city hassle, if you are absolutely not willing to have some night fun in a bar, if you are dreaming of being reunited with nature, then we can take you on a meditation tour to Canios de Meka. This place with its sand dunes, a lighthouse, and overwhelming night sky will leave an unforgettable romantic impression that will last in your heart for a lifetime.

Everything can be arranged at our KiteCenter go ahead